LOSIO GASTONE'S PATH OF LIFE: Marina di Pietrasanta - 1953 (6),  Milano - 1987 (40), Samarcanda - 2017 (70)
Welcome to my personal information page.
Jan. 2018, Garoda Beach, Kenya
At my last company, which I left beginning of 2008, where I have been since 1985, when I was 38, I have driven the company focusing on efficiency. My targets have been quantitative as well as qualitative by trying to create a suitable working and profitable environment. The main issues being the harmonization and optimization of the relationships among the different cultures of the people of the subsidiaries in the world, with focus to the synergy between the German home environment of the Group and the South Europe companies.
At the present time I am working as consultant.

Thursday 06 January 2011

the new Millenium
education &  title as a Chief
scouting sarted at 12 years old, Gilwell
schools & main reference Educators*
Elementary School, Comunale. Gambara  Maria Battistig
Secondary School, Ugo Foscolo, Brescia, Laura Scandola
 Diploma di Maturità’ in Scientific Studies – Liceo Scientifico “A. Calini”, Brescia, Matteo Perrini
INGEGNERIA MECCANICA, Dottore Magistrale in Ingegneria Meccanica (secondo ultima riforma, D.M. 22 ottobre 2004 n. 270), BA Honours Degree, with Degree Thesis in Machines Construction, title “Plan and test of an equipment for the study of the Propagation of Logitudinal Plastic Waves in a Strain-Rate-Dependent Material”,
Politecnico di Milano,
Giovanni Bianchi
Executive Education programmes • Industrial Marketing Management
• Competing in the Information Age
INSEAD Business School - Fontainebleau
Job Company &
job title
Industrie Pirelli S.p.A. Product Manager
Schindler S.p.A., Field Manager
Gould Clevite Inc. now Mahle Group, Chief Engineer
Schneeberger S.p.A. Schneeberger Holding A.G.  General Manager and Executive Vice President
Independent Management Consulting Professional
patent,, on FIAT FIRE Engine
Mother language
• Italian
Daily working languages, written and spoken
• English, German
Frequent working language mainly spoken
• Spanish
(*) l'idea che li troverò tutti in Paradiso, oggi che compio i settant'anni, tranne forse la primissima, la mia bellissima e giovanissima maestra elementare istriana, mi da la certezza che la Casa del Padre è una cosa seria, e, soprattutto, piena di eterna felicità.
 Mio figlio porta uno dei loro nomi, non per caso.
Venerdì sera 6 aprile 2018, dopo un breve tragitto un po'ondeggiante, a piedi, dal parcheggio del cimitero all'ambulatorio della sua dottoressa Patrizia, a Taino, Gastone si accasciò verso le 18 sulla sua scrivania. La stessa lo guardò in viso e lo fece ricoverare prontamente presso l'Ospedale di Angera, per controlli soprattutto ematici.
Da quel momento la mia avventura continua alla pagina (username: losio password: gastone47 per medici ed amici). Pregate per me.
 The belief that I will find them all in Heaven, today I do the seventy years, except maybe the very first, my beautiful and very young Istrian teacher of elementary school, I am sure that the House of the Father is a serious thing, and, above all, full of eternal happiness.
 My son carries one of their names, not by accident.
Friday evening, April 6, 2018, after a short, slightly sweeping walk from the parking lot of the cemetery to his doctor Patrizia's office in Taino, Gastone slumped around 18 on her desk. The same looked him in the face and she promptly hospitalized him at the Hospital of Angera, especially for blood tests.
From that moment my adventure continues at (username: losio password: gastone47 for doctors and friends). Pray for me.